Our business idea is to develop and offer a unique range of quality furniture at affordable prices.

We are part of the Scan-Thor Group, the largest buying office in Europe, which provides us with a supply chain containing committed factories with large know-how and high quality levels. We have our own offices and QC's located in all markets. 

We believe that quality does not only mean developing great products to our customers, but also that our customers recognize us as a good and reliable partner.

We are committed to quality, affordability and sustainability. We strive to use raw materials from environmentally correct sources and we take the responsibility to educate and advise our partners to improve the processes in the supply chain in order to optimize the production. We strive only to work with FSC certified factories.

From the initial idea to the final product, we are in a close cooperation with our own offices all over Europe. Our supply chain is based on European manufacturers with large know-how and high quality levels. We carry out quality control on all shipments on site in order to ensure the highest level of desired outcome.



We tailor our solutions to meet your requirements. When you are developing with Twenty1, you are guaranteed good ideas.


We work with the best suppliers in Europe. We ensure that the manufacturing fulfills your quality expectations and is finished on time.   


Our design tradition is classic Scandinavian Design. We work in close partnership with our customers to ensure an easy and efficient development cycle.


We carry out an extensive quality control to ensure that the products meet the strict Twenty1 quality demands. We have our own quality controllers in every market.


We will provide you with a proto type as a starting point in order to assure that your requirements are fulfilled.


We make sure that your products are delivered in good condition and on the right time.

Phone: +45 96 26 50 60

Address: Poppelvej 1,

DK-7400 Herning